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Greetings and welcome to my stock photo gallery. My name is Mark D. Spearman and I am the co-owner and lead photographer of Captured Reflections Photography in Statesville, NC. I was born on July 5, 1958 in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Although I was partially raised where most photographers believe to be the mecca of professional photography (NYC), my talents were honed elsewhere. When I was eleven my mother and I moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands…St. Croix where we lived until 1988. It is there where my love of photography began.

As I grew towards adulthood, one of my first real jobs was at a high-end department store behind the counter in the camera department. Learning how all the equipment worked in order to sell it properly was part of the job and I learned well. The store also employed a retired commercial and fine art photographer part-time. We got to know each other and soon he agreed to mentor me. My interest in photography really blossomed during this time. Photography in the Virgin Islands is so surreal and distinct. From the eye-catching seascapes, landscapes and sunsets to the lush foliage and botanicals, to the colorful residents and their customs, there was always a situation to capture a brilliant photograph. By 1982 I was working with both editorial and commercial clients for magazine articles and promotions for the St. Croix Hotel Association and the Virgin Islands Tourist Bureau.

In 1987, personal tragedy struck our family and by 1988 we were forced to pick up and leave St. Croix and move to North Carolina where I had family. The move required more money than we had so the camera equipment had to be sold.(Glad I had it to sell at the time!)

Fast-forward to 2008, I’m 20 years older, children are grown, newly remarried(2006) and thanks to the encouragement from my youngest daughter and the love and support from my wife, I re-entered this new world of Digital Photography! All I can say is… ya gotta love technology!

My specialty these days is Event Photography. This specialty gives me the flexibility of providing quality images to editorial, commercial and consumer clients. My current photography interest (my wife would call obsession) lies in the automotive world, specifically American Muscle Cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Hope you enjoy!

Mark D. Spearman
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